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More iPad 2 camera evidence found in iOS4.3 beta

More compelling evidence of Apple's worst-kept secret ever, that the iPad 2 will come equipped with dual cameras, has emerged with the release of the second iOS4.3 SDK beta.

An image file buried deep within the software's innards has been discovered by the folks at Mac Rumours which includes icons for Apple's FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth applications, all of which require the presence of at least one camera, and two in the case of FaceTime.

The file, homeScreenOverlayFaceTime~ipad.png, is used by the SDK to show how wallpaper selection works but someone at Apple forgot to remove the aforementioned icons which appear to be included in the default app selection.

FaceTime is Apple's video-calling software which currently works with the iPhone 4 and camera-equipped iPods as well as Macs and PCs blessed with a web cam.

PhotoBooth is a quirky little app which, on a Mac, allows users to take snaps and videos using a web cam, apply all sorts of wacky filters, and even add animated backgrounds using a similar technology to that used in green screen CGI Hollywood blockbusters.

The Camera app kind of speaks for itself.

Rumour has it that the iPad 2 will appear within the next eight to ten weeks.