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News@10: Apple Reveal Top All Time Apps, Nintendo Announce 3DS Launch Details & Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Apple has revealed the all time top apps downloaded by iPad and iPhone users on iTunes. The company documented the top 10 paid and free apps on each of the individual iOS-based devices via a page on the iTunes store.

Nintendo’s glasses free 3D handheld console, the 3DS, has been showcased at joint presentations in both America and Europe. According to the Guardian, who reported live from the event in Amsterdam, the 3DS is to feature the new Spot Pass wireless feature, which will allow users to connect to Wi-Fi networks and access downloadable content and game elements on the move. The company said that they are working with European hotspot providers to offer the system.

Microsoft has blamed an unknown third party service for an anomaly which caused the "phantom data" problem on its Windows Phone 7 platform. Many Windows Phone 7 OS users complained that they had received abnormally high monthly bills after huge amounts of data was mysteriously uploaded even when the phone was on Wi-FI.

Japanese electronics giant Sony is set to announce an updated version of its portable gaming device, the Playstation Portable, on Thursday 27th of January, two people close to the plans told Cliff Edwards of Bloomberg.

The UK IT industry needs around 110,000 new recruits this year if it is to keep pace with demand, a report by e-Skills UK has found. In its Technology Insights 2011 report, e-Skills UK said that demand for IT recruits is set to rise by 2.19 per cent over the next decade - five times faster than the UK average. According to the report, over 500,000 professionals will be needed in the next five years. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.