News@5: Ofcom Cuts BT Wholesale Broadband Prices, HTC To Unveil Flyer Tablet March 2011 & Apple App Store

UK communications regulator Ofcom plans to reduce the prices BT can charge Internet service providers (ISPs) in areas where it is the sole provider of wholesale broadband. The regulator plans to introduce price cuts of between 10.75 per cent and 14.75 per cent below inflation, a move which will also increase the competition between other ISPs.

HTC will launch three tablet devices - the first of which will be called the Flyer - in the first half of 2011 according to reports from Taiwan, where the company is based. Handset component suppliers have told Digitimes that the Flyer tablet will be available in the US from March.

The Apple App Store is likely to reach the 10 billion download milestone on Saturday at 1300 UK time (or Noon GMT) according to our calculations. Apps are currently downloaded at the rate of around 238 per second and the counter, which can be found here, appears to be updated dynamically quite often.

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has predicted a “rocket start” to sales for its upcoming 3DS handheld console in the US. According to the exec, sales will be helped along by the device’s high-definition graphics capabilities, as well as a range of 25 new games that showcase its features to be available around launch.

Canadian company Microsat is planning to launch 78 satellites into space to provide the backbone for a robust new Internet infrastructure. The CommStellation system will be launched by Microsat Systems Canada Inc. using six rockets. The rockets will deploy the 78 satellites 1,000 KM above the Earth.