Nintendo 3DS Price Won’t Hurt Sales

Nintendo has announced that the comparatively high price for its upcoming 3DS won’t stop it from being the company’s biggest hardware launch ever.

Speaking to, Nintendo UK general manger David Yarnton said that the quality of content offered on the device will more than make up for the price.

“Indications that we've had so far from retail is that they are really happy with the price and demand indicates it will be our biggest launch in terms of hardware,” said Yarnton.

“The DS for us was huge in 2005 and in 2006 the Wii was even bigger,” he added. “Retailers - especially with the environment they are in - are right behind it. It's a new format.”

Yarnton said that, over the last ten years, people have tended to overlook the price of Nintendo products because of the quality offered and the content available.

“If you look at the value proposition, there's not a 3D entertainment device in the market at that price point. Not only a device that you can play games on but as a communication device, being able to download content with some of our partners like Eurosport and Sky,” he added.

Nintendo confirmed on Wednesday that the 3DS will go on sale in the UK on 25 March for between £219.99 to £229.99.