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Nintendo’s Iwata Predicts “Rocket Start” To 3DS Sales

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has predicted a “rocket start” to sales for its upcoming 3DS handheld console in the US.

According to the exec, sales will be helped along by the device’s high-definition graphics capabilities, as well as a range of 25 new games that showcase its features to be available around launch.

“There will be not only our own software, but also third-party titles, which have the photo-realism that will satisfy Western gamers,” Iwata told Bloomberg. “We expect the 3DS to get off to a rocket start, like the Wii's debut.”

But unlike the Wii, Nintendo has lined up a selection of big name titles to attract more than just the casual gamer to the handheld, including the new Pro Evolution Soccer, Mario Kart, Resident Evil Mercenaries, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Paper Mario, Driver and Sims 3.

On Wednesday, Nintendo confirmed that the 3DS will go on sale across Europe on 25 March. No price has yet been announced, but HMV is pegging the likely cost to be £229.