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Twitter banned from House of Commons

MPs in the House of Commons have been banned from using Twitter while sitting in Chamber.

Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle made the ruling on the spot after a complaint from Labour MP Kevin Brennan, who was miffed that Julian Huppert of the Limp Democrats was tweeting during a debate.

Hoyle said MPs shouldn't "be tweeting from the chamber to let the outside world know what is going on". Better that they don't know.

Brennan argued that Huppert should be participating in the debate on the floor of the House rather than Twittering away to all and sundry. He said that if the coalition member had something to say, other MPs should be able to put alternative views

"I am glad you have brought it to my attention," said Hoyle. "I am sure no honourable member will be tweeting from the chamber to let the outside world know what is going on."

While proceedings in the House are televised, it seems that the addition of commentary by individual members is off limits.

Mobile phones are banned from the Chamber but hand-held devices such as smartphones and - we imagine tablets - are allowed.

Last month, a Judge allowed Twittering in a courtroom hearing arguments of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange is facing extradition attempts by Sweden who want to ask him about the ins and outs of sexual encounters he had with a couple of groupies.