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Twitter Surpasses 240 Million Accounts Globally

More than 240 million Twitter accounts have been created as of today according to the data collected from Twitter's own mobile app on an iPhone 4.

When user create an account and log in on a smartphone, they can check, via their profiles, their exact ranking. A test carried out yesterday showed that there are more than 240 million registered accounts (not actual users) as logged by Twitter.

This is significantly more than the "nearly 200 million" registered accounts as of January 1st that Carolyn Penner, a Twitter spokesperson, provided to Forbes' Oliver Chiang.

Penner also added that more than 110 million tweets were generated on a daily basis, that's a significant increase from 160 million registered accounts (but not active users) reported in September 2010 and 95 million tweets recorded in early December 2010.

Twitter announced that it will launch a Korean version of its microblogging service very soon; surprisingly, it is the company's seventh language to date. In comparison, Facebook has more than 70 translations available on the site with 70 per cent of Facebook users outside the US.

More than 300,000 users have helped Facebook translate the site though a dedicated translation application. If Twitter wants to increase its rate of growth outside the US, it might want to learn a few tricks from the competition.

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