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Apple Debuts New iPhone Bumper Case Ahead Of Verizon Launch

Apple has modified the design to its iPhone 4 bumper case to fit the upcoming Verizon iPhone, which is to be launched in the US on 10 February.

The newly fiddled-with bumper case will be universal, capable of fitting the Verizon iPhone or the standard GSM iPhone 4 within it.

According to Electronista, the cut-out panel for the mute button has been altered to accommodate the CDMA model. The Verizon iPhone features a mute button, which is placed slightly lower and closer to the volume buttons than the one for the GSM version of the device.

The company slipped in the new bumper case without much fanfare, making it the only company to currently offer bumper covers that fit both GSM and CDMA versions of the device.

Verizon has also launched the first commercial for the highly awaited Verizon iPhone. The ad features a number of people eagerly waiting for a clock to strike 12 on 10 February, marking the moment that the device is officially launched.