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Digital Radio comes to Nokia mobiles

Mobile phone maker Nokia has just taken stock of their Digital Radio Headset in their own online store, with a cost attached of just £45.

The digital radio headset was first announced back in October, where the in-earphones and control block can now deliver DAB access to a Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia’s phones can’t access digital radio natively nor can any handsets, with the best radio quality they can all offer is from the built-in FM radio or have music streamed from a data connection – which breaks into the mobile’s data allowance.

The new DAB headset gets around this issue, where the headset itself provides the digital radio connection from the regular airwaves and without accessing the phones data allowance.

Nokia’s earphones connect to the handset via the microUSB port, which delivers the power to the device and the control block provides the user access to the earphones of choice.

The headset contains various standard controls for mobile earphones, such as the on and off key, answer and end a call, change radio station and skip to the next or previous track, with a volume up and down key along with a play and pause button too.

Nokia’s Symbian^3 operating system is needed to enable the digital radio headset, which mean the only phones currently supporting the device are the Nokia C7, C6-01, N8 and the soon to be arriving E7 handset.

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