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iPhone 5 Launch Date Pegged For Monday 6th June 2011

Another hint has surfaced, showing that the iPhone 5 may be launched on Monday the 6th of June 2011, which should be the first day of Apple' Worldwide Developer Conference.

German website Schimanke points to the fact that the current iPhone 4 Screen from the Apple store shows 7 on the calendar icon (the phone was launched on Monday 7th of June 2010) while the current iOS 4.3 beta one shows the 6th which happens to be a Monday.

It matches our estimated release date (you can see how we worked out the date here) and while the Yerba Buena Centre for Arts is already booked for the 6th of June, the Moscone Conference Centre appears to be free.

There are a number of rumours swirling around what the iPhone 5 will bring, but we reckon the most likely are that it will come with slightly reworked antenna, a new Cortex A5 processor with a new PowerVR-based core, a buttonless design and CDMA/GSM compatibility, as well as a white model being available at launch.