PandaLabs Report Highlights Growth Of Cyber-Criminal Black Market

Security experts PandaLabs have exposed a shocking rise in cyber-crime in a new report published this week.

Worrying statistics shown in the report revealed that cyber-criminals can buy stolen credit card details for as little as $2 each and physical credit cards for only $180.

Prices for botnet rental were also found to be surprisingly low, with users having to shell out as little $15 for the privilege.

PandaLabs additionally found that scammers are more commonly selling tools to steal financial data, such as card cloners, which can be picked up for between $200 - $1,000, and fake ATMs, which retail for $3,500.

“This cyber-criminal black market caters to buyers’ needs just as any other business, and functions in similar ways,” Luis Corrons wrote on the Panda Labs blog.

“Since there is a great deal of competition in this industry, the rule of supply and demand ensures that prices are competitive, and operators even offer bulk discounts to higher-volume buyers. They will offer free ‘trial’ access to stolen bank or credit card details, as well as money back guarantees and free exchanges.”

The findings echo another report published this week by Symantec, who found that a greater instance of virus threats were being caused by third party ‘virus toolkits’. These allow cyber-criminals who are less experienced at hacking to break into small companies and steal financial data.

The full report can be found here.