Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Released On YouTube

Verizon has released the first commercial for its upcoming CDMA iPhone 4 on YouTube.

The 30 second commercial features a number of ticking clocks, and dramatic music building to a crescendo as finger tapping, fidgety customers waiting for the clock to strike 12 on 10 February - the time when the device will be launched.

At the the end of the commercial, Verizon says: "To our millions of customers who never stopped believing this day would come: Thank you."

The advert finishes with the logos for the iPhone 4 and Verizon ticking over before revealing the 'It Begins' tag.

Since Apple announced the end to its exclusivity deal with AT&T's, consumers have been eagerly awaiting a Verizon version of the device. With the launch, many disaffected AT&T iPhone customers are expected to make the jump to Verizon and its the CDMA version of the device.

The launch is also expected to cannibalise the demand for the Android devices available on Verizon's portfolio.