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Mozilla Cans Firefox Skype Add-On

Mozilla has announced that it would no longer bundle the Skype toolbar add-on with the Firefox browser after it emerged that the extension caused more than 33,000 crashes per week and other ancillary issues.

The Skype toolbar add-on is automatically installed with the open source browser and transforms phone numbers on any web page into a hyperlink on which the user can click to open Skype.

Justin Scott, who works on the Mozilla add-ons team, wrote that the entity had no other choice but to remove the culprit after the Skype extension team did not apparently return their request for help.

Mozilla's crash report site says that the SkypeFfComponent.dll@0x440c3 component was the number one cause of crashes in the most recent Firefox, version 3.6.13, over the last month.

Furthermore, it was found that the plugin caused a 325 times performance hit in some cases with a three to eight times performance hit on DOM manipulation performance not unheard of.

It is unclear whether Skype, like Google, pays Firefox for each Skype installation that is successful or for each call that is made through the plug-in system in which case, blocking the toolbar might have have a hit on Mozilla's revenues.