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Playboy App not coming to iPad after all

It seems we were a little premature is welcoming Hugh Heffner's Playboy App to the Apple App Store.

When Heffer tweeted (opens in new tab): "Big news! Playboy -- both old & new -- will be available on iPad beginning in March", we can perhaps be forgiven for taking the old man at his word. Especially when he followed up with: "The IPad Version of Playboy will include the whole magazine from the first issue to the latest." And, in a reply to a bloke called Sean, Heff wrote: "Uncensored versions, Sean."

But it seems, the devil is in the detail.

Heffner was in fact referring to a plan to give users access the Playboy archives through the Internet - a somewhat different proposition to a custom iPad App.

In explaining Heffner's tweet, Playboy says: "The service will be iPad compatible and will utilize iPad functions."

Instead, Playboy is creating an App for Apple's App Store which will give users access to censored versions of Playboy.

You can't really blame Heff. At 84, it's a wonder he's heard of the Internet at all. Perhaps he thinks it's all stored in the iPad he probably got given for Christmas. Or Hannukah.

His Playboy empire was certainly late to the Internet party. And considering the fact that over a third of the on-line world is made up of porn, that's a bit of a faux pas for a porn company, even one that dresses its output up as aimed at a slightly more discerning audience.

Indeed, that miss-step could be seen as the reason the value of Heffner's empire has dwindled from around $1 billion in 1999 to a measly $210 million today.

Not that Heff's bride-to-be, 24-year old Crystal Harris (opens in new tab) seems to mind.

The clarification will please Apple, which has a strict no-porn policy for its iDevices, and we're sure the fact that its 'magical' devices will remain unsullied with nudity - unless you open a browser and head off to, of course - will aid Steve Jobs' recovery no end. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.