Samsung Buys Dutch Display Maker Liquavista

Samsung Electronics has acquired Dutch display technology maker Liquavista in a bid to expand its flat-screen display arsenal.

Liquavista was founded in 2006 and has developed an 'electrowetting' display technology that is used to develop screens for e-readers, mobile phones and tablet devices. Samsung estimates that electrowetting technology consumes only 10 per cent of the energy that regular display technologies use.

Samsung, the world's largest producer of memory chips and flat-screen display screens, also said that the acquisition will allow the company to expand into new display technologies like transparent displays and e-paper.

“As electrowetting can be manufactured by modifying existing liquid-crystal-display production lines, Samsung will be able to realise significant synergies through the utilisation of existing manufacturing equipment and capabilities,” Samsung said in a statement.

According to Reuters a greater number of electronic firms are looking to new technologies being pioneered by smaller companies as the e-reader market heats up.

Both companies have yet to reveal the terms of the deal.