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Android Market Reportedly Coming To Google TV

Google TV could soon be getting a much needed boost with the reported launch of the Android Market app store on the platform later this year.

According to a Twitter post from UK-based Android developer Al Sutton, Google has updated the Android Market to add 'touchscreen' as a filtering mechanism for apps published on the app store.

This means that developers can choose to classify their apps based on whether or not they can be used with 'non-touchscreen' compatible devices, such as Google TV. If implemented, this filtering mechanism could allow Google TV users to view only those apps that are meant to be used on the platform, rather than being forced to dig through the whole 100,000+ apps available from the Android Market.

Adding fuel to the rumour is news a Logitech executive told Android and Me's Anthony Domanico that Google will be bringing its Android Market to Google TV sometime in March or April this year.

Peripherals manufacturer Logitech is behind the Google TV-enabled Revue set-top-box, one of the devices set to benefit from the move.