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Apple iPad 2 To Sport iPod Touch Cameras

The next version of Apple's iPad tablet is likely to have a one megapixel camera, according to some great investigative work carried out by 9to5mac.

The website found out in the latest iOS 4.3 Beta software development kit that the iPad 2 will have a front and rear facing camera.

And as expected, it will use the same cameras as on the iPod Touch 4G; that's a 1280x720 pixels rear camera (that allows you to shoot HD ready videos) and a VGA front facing camera.

9to5mac further adds that there are two versions of the iPad in the pipeline, the K94 and the K95, possibly to identify the Wi-Fi only and the 3G version of the Apple iPad 2.

We're likely to see the Photo Booth app and Apple's own Facetime video conferencing application on the tablet. Because of economies of scale, it does make sense for Apple to use the same components as the iPod Touch 4G.

This further strengthens the comments we made two years ago about the fact that the iPad would just be a giant iPod Touch as it is nearer, technically, to the latter than to an iPhone 4.