Apple iPad 3G Approved For Sale In China

The Chinese government has finally given Apple permission to launch the 3G version of its iPad tablet in the country.

Apple plans to sell its iPad 3G through China Unicom, the second largest wireless carrier and Apple's exclusive partner in the country.

The Wall Street Journal reports that China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology included Apple's iPad 3G in a list of devices approved by the ministry. But Apple and China Unicom have so far kept quiet about the ministry's approval for the iPad 3G, indicating that the launch of the device may have been put on-hold for sometime.

Apple currently offers the Wi-Fi only iPad version in China and has sold 125,000 units since launching it in September.

Analysts predict that the 3G iPad might not be able to match those of the iPhone 4 on the mainland as mobile carriers have less incentive to market it.

"The discounts on Web browsing put huge pressure on China Unicom's 3G network flow. The company adopted the promotion mainly because it wants to attract high-end mobile phone users," analyst with China Galaxy Securities Zhu Jinsong told the state run Global Times.

“But the iPad 3G tablet is less attractive than iPhone 4 for China Unicom in a short term, since more pressure on its 3G network flow will be added without considerable revenue.”