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Apple Slammed By Chinese Environmental Groups

Apple has been criticised by the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) in China for its attitude towards Chinese suppliers, resulting in poor environmental and work safety standards for workers.

According to Reuters, the IPE published a report slamming Apple's supply chain management policies. The report accuses Apple of focusing too much on improving the price and quality of the products whilst ignoring workers welfare and the environmental responsibility of its supply chain.

In a statement to Reuters, Ma Jun of IPE said: “We've found that Apple isn't honouring its commitment in ensuring its supply chain's work safety and environmental responsibility and giving dignity and respect to the workers.”

"(Apple) only care about the price and quality (of their products) and not the environmental and social responsibility issues. In some ways they drive the suppliers to cut corners to win their contracts," Ma said.

Apple has maintained that there is nothing wrong with its supply chain management and that conditions have significantly improved since it began auditing its suppliers in 2006.