Asda Drops Price Of Emachine EME442 Windows 7 Laptop To £197

Asda has quietly slashed the price of the Emachine EME442 laptop by a jaw dropping £150 to £197 in what looks like a very early Spring sale.

The laptop is currently on sale at Asda online for £267, a price that excludes delivery. However, we've managed to pick one up for £197 and it seems that the offer is available nationwide although, as expected, stocks are limited.

One would expect a number of corners to be cut on a laptop being sold for such a low price; after all, you can expect to pay more than that even for a netbook from the same manufacturer.

But the EME442 is no slouch and certainly no dumbed-down laptop. It comes with Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit, an AMD V140 processor clocked at 2.3GHz (that's the "new" Sempron), 2GB RAM (with 256MB dedicated to graphics), a 160GB hard disk drive and a DVD writer.

There's also a Radeon graphics module, possibly the best video solution at this price range, Wi-Fi, a card reader, a 15.6-inch 1366x768 pixels screen, Microsoft Office 2010 starter, three USB ports and, surprisingly, a HDMI port.

The four-cell battery will provide you with around 2.5 hours which is decent at this price. You may be able to get a few minutes more thanks to the onboard power management applications.

At 2.6Kg, the laptop is quite slim and easy to carry around. There's a one year guarantee on parts and labour although we were told we would need to keep hold of the box and accessories. All in all, a very decent laptop at a rock-bottom price.