First iPad 2 To Be Produced In February Says Report

The first iPad 2 will come out of manufacturing lines in February according to an article that was published in China by a national news outlet, Chinatimes; this contradicts earlier reports that the first iPad 2 have already been produced.

The online website (translated version here) indicates that there will be a small scale production of iPad 2 done in February with Apple's manufacturing partners likely to ramp things up significantly in the second quarter of 2011 with shipment volume expected to surpass the amounts reached in the last quarter by the first generation iPad.

This dovetails nicely with the expected launch of the iPad 2 in April 2011 and a small pilot production scheme, which is similar to a rehearsal, is necessary to ensure that there are no undetected issues that crop up before the "live", full scale manufacturing process starts.

According to Chinatimes, Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Group)will remain the biggest manufacturing partner of Apple followed by others like Pegatron, the manufacturing powerhouse spun off from Asustek, Ritek Group, Encore and Tripod.