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Gail Davis Nearly Missed $10,000 iTunes Card

Gail Davis, a mother of two from Orpington in Kent, nearly missed out on the $10,000 iTunes gift card she had won after her daughters downloaded the 10 billionth App, Paper Glider, from iTunes on Saturday before 10am.

CultofMac reports that Davis thought (opens in new tab) it was a prank call, and had told the caller that she was not interested and hung up.

Fortunately for her, her teenage daughters managed to convince her of her mistake and she subsequently tried to contact Apple back.

Luckily for her, someone from Apple called her to confirm that she was indeed the winner of the download sweepstakes. Her daughters were too young to be the winners as the competition minimum age for participating is 18 years.

Given that they can't spend the money on anything other than apps, songs, movies and TV programmes from iTunes, the Davis family is planning to use the windfall to buy even more stuff from Apple (or they could use Ebay it if they wanted to).

Mr and Mrs Davis say that they will both update their Apple iPod Nano to the latest iPod Touch in order to run Apps and, as they put it, join the party.

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