Google Accused Of Copying More Oracle Java Code In Android

Google directly copied the Oracle-owned Java platform source code, open source advocate Florian Mueller claims.

In a blog post, Mueller said that he examined a set of files found on Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 which indicate that Google copied up to 43 files from Oracle's Java source code.

Mueller also found that 37 files found in Android were listed as confidential and not up for distribution.

"I have identified 37 files marked as 'PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL' by Sun and a copyright notice file that says: 'DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!'" he said.

"Unless Google obtained a license to that code (which is unlikely given the content and tone of those warnings), this constitutes another breach."

But ZDNet's Ed Burnette claims that the files uncovered by Mueller were found in the unit test area in the code. Unit tests are not shipped with the finished version of the product, they are simply meant for testing the quality of the software internally.

“The solution to this earth shattering conspiracy? Replace them with the original files from Sun which have the correct comments. Or just delete them. After all, they’re not shipped with Android,” Burnette writes.