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Hacker Says iPhone 5 & iPad 2 Will Have Qualcomm Baseband

Confirmation that Apple's next generation flagship devices will come with Qualcomm's cellular baseband rather than the Intel-owned Infineon, seems to have come from a rather unusual source.

Italian Hacker Zibri wrote on his blog that Qualcomm will provide with the vital hardware after he managed to extract some interesting data from decompiling the latest iTunes.

Zibri says that two files which were identified in iTunes, "partition.mbn" and "AMSS.MBN", point to Qualcomm as they are the "building blocks" of any Qualcomm baseband infrastructure.

Apple Insider says that this could simply point to the CDMA iPhone that was just launched a few weeks ago rather than completely different devices.

But then, it would make a lot of sense if Apple decided to stick to one supplier in order to reduce costs, streamline the manufacturing process, reduce logistical mistakes and power consumption.

We predicted that the Apple iPhone 5 to be launched on the 6th of June 2011 and many rumours point to the fact that it will have a significantly better hardware, like a new Cortex A5 processor with improved graphics (PowerVR SGX543).