HGST : No Immediate Plans For Consumer SSD Or Hybrid Drives

Steve Pereira, EMEA Vice President for Hitachi GST, has confirmed to ITProPortal.com that the Japanese storage company will not launch any products based on solid state technology (including hybrid drives) in the near future.

Instead, HGST will focus on enhancing its existing range of spinning hard disk drives, citing a 50 per cent annual growth in the storage market as the main reason why it still makes sense to back platter-based storage.

But the Hitachi VP alluded to the fact that HGST is investigating hybrid SSD technology inhouse, with any moves determined by market demands and how the competition (Seagate with its lone Momentus XT drive) will fare over the next few months.

Mr Perrera also stated that HGST expect to sees huge growth in the very high capacity 3.5-inch market, especially in the nearline (near online) storage, the exponential rise in cloud computing fuelling the drive for even more storage capacity.

He also predicted that the very high end of the Enterprise solid state market will be an interesting one to follow given the pace at which performance and capacity are growing; interestingly, HGST uses Intel-based components into its high end Ultrastar SSD family.

HGST will be officially releasing a new range of hard disk drives tomorrow morning, one that it says will bring some interesting "firsts".