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Microsoft tempts Geohot with free phone offer

The name George Hotz, also known as Geohot, might not be a popular one at the Sony headquarters today - but other tech companies are hoping to get his attention, with Microsoft looking to interest the talented hacker in its latest mobile platform.

Geohot is well known in the smartphone hacking scene, but his fame hit new heights when he published the signing key for the digital rights management (DRM) system used in Sony's popular PlayStation 3 console - a move which has netted him a lawsuit from the entertainment and electronics giant.

Not everyone is looking to litigate his creativity out of existence, however: Microsoft is hoping to sway him away from rival consoles and smartphones and on to its recently released Windows Phone 7 platform.

While the company hasn't quite gone far enough to offer the hacker a job, Microsoft's Brandon Watson has been in touch with geohot over Twitter, stating: "if you want to build cool stuff on [Windows Phone 7], send me email and the team will give you a phone - let dev creativity flourish."

The offer of a free Windows Phone 7 handset, first spotted by Rant Rave, is a good one, but with Geohot's time currently spent preparing himself for the next court hearing with Sony - after the first hearing ended in confusion - it's questionable how much hacking he'll be doing over the next few months.