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Mozilla Plans Firefox Behavioural Ad Blocker Tool

Mozilla is working on a new tool for Firefox that will allow users to block behaviour-based advertising.

According to a blog post by Alex Fowler, Mozilla's head of privacy, the company believes that users should be able to control how their personal information is shared online.

Websites generally track a user's web browsing experience in order to display relevant advertisements. Some users however, find these invasive and annoying.

The 'Do Not Track HTTP header' will allow users to tell advertisers and websites that they don't want their online activities to be tracked for behavioural advertising.

Fowler explained that the tool will not block online advertisements altogether but will force advertisers not to place ads based on the online behaviour of a user.

“The advantages to the header technique are that it is less complex and simple to locate and use, it is more persistent than cookie-based solutions, and it doesn’t rely on user’s finding and loading lists of ad networks and advertisers to work,” he wrote.