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News@5: Android Heading To Space, Nintendo 3DS eStore To Be Available From Day One & Google

A group of engineers are planning to launch an Android-based smartphone into space to examine the device's capabilities whilst off Earth. According to the BBC, a team of engineers at the Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) are carrying out the project to test whether today's smartphones are able to function in space.

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has confirmed that the digital downloads store for its upcoming 3DS hand-held games console will be available at launch.The 3DS eStore will allow users to download games and applications directly to the console.

Google directly copied the Oracle-owned Java platform source code, open source advocate Florian Mueller claims. In a blog post, Mueller said that he examined a set of files found on Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 which indicate that Google copied up to 43 files from Oracle's Java source code.

The BBC has announced that 360 employees will loose their jobs as a part of stringent budget cuts to the corporation's online division. The job cuts are a part of the corporation's new plans to reducing BBC Online's budget by 25 per cent to £103 million by 2013.

Imperva has uncovered a hacker selling access to US government, military and education websites on the cheap. According to security firm Imperva, the hacker gained access to the websites by using the SQL injection technique.