Nvidia To Announce Tegra 3D SoC At MWC 2011

Apart from the Tegra 3, Nvidia could be presenting a new system on chip called the Tegra 2 3D at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a few weeks time, one which will add 3D compatibility to the existing chip as well as a few improvements as well.

Techeye received a leaked presentation of what Nvidia apparently intends to present at MWC and it looks as if the new chip will be an evolution with the two Cortex-A9 cores pushed to 1.2GHz (and delivering 5.52GIPS).

Expected production date will start in Q1 2011 and given that there are already some interesting glass-less 3D technologies like the cell parallax-based MasterImage which were demoed at CES 2011 (ed : A Hitachi handset showing Shrek in 3D was impressive stuff).

Qualcomm is already planning to get 3D on its forthcoming MSM8660, which is technically less advanced than the Tegra 2 3D, but should nonetheless be competitive thanks to a number of tweaks.

The US-based manufacturer did offer us a tour of its forthcoming Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform with a sneak preview of its 3D capabilities on a 40-inch Samsung 3D TV with glasses and it was falwless.

The Tegra 3, a quad core system on chip, is also rumoured to be launched at the same event; we are however eagerly awaiting more details about Maxwell, the first product to be based on Nvidia's recently announced "Project Denver", one which fuses the Cortex A15 and the Geforce.