Other Kate Middleton banned from Facebook

A woman was kicked off Facebook for having the name Kate Middleton.

Facebook enacted the daft ban because another girl called Kate Middleton is to marry second-in-line to the British throne Prince William, in April. And there can be only one.

Ms Middleton said she was "quite shocked" when she couldn't log in to send a message to friends. Instead, she received a missive from Facebook claiming her account was fake and had been disabled.

"I am Kate Middleton," she protested, as she spent four days battling Facebook in order to have her account reactivated

Middleton complained that her boyfriend's name was Jonathan Ross and he hadn't been banned. Ross is arguably more famous than Willie's totty.

Twenty-nine year-old Middleton from Northamptonshire has been on Facebook for three years and has 220 friends. The other Middleton woman isn't even on the social notworking site. She's notworked enough already.

In a statement, Facebook said it reviews "thousands of pieces of content" every day.

"Of course, we make an occasional mistake," a spokesface burbled inanely.

Unfortunately, it makes rather many.