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Sony PSP2 To Have 3G Connectivity?

Sony's next generation portable gaming device, the PSP2, may have 3G connectivity according to a report in the Nikkei newspaper.

The Japanese news outlet (via Andriasang) says that the country's largest mobile phone operator, NTT Docomo, will support the device. It was not made clear however, whether it will be an exclusive agreement or if the company would adopt Amazon's or Google's strategy by providing users with a limited amount of data every month, with the option to pay for more.

It could mean that the PSP2 will be an always-on device, like a smartphone, that will allow content to be downloaded or pushed by a service provider.

The machine is also said to come with an AMOLED screen and hardware capabilities that would put it on par with its bigger brother, the Playstation 3.

The PSP2 is expected to be released on the 27th of January during an event called "Playstation Meeting". Sony Ericsson is also expected to launch an Android-based gaming phone called the Xperia Play within weeks.

How both gaming devices will cohabit in the open market without treading on each other's toes as competitors will be an interesting case study.