Apple App Store Goes On Twitter

Apple has launched an App Store account on Twitter and it has managed to get more than 83,000 followers in less than 15 hours, which is more than the other unofficial App Store Twitter account.

In comparison, the five other Apple iTunes accounts have a cumulative Twitter follower count of more than 2.4 million. There have only been seven tweets so far since yesterday, pointing to apps like Tiki Towers 2 : Monkey Republic, Nike Training Club and Whole Foods Market Recipes.

Apple doesn't have an official Twitter account; instead it uses dedicated Twitter accounts for services that are more likely to benefit from social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.

The App Store Facebook page has nearly one million fans and appears to be handled by the same social media team that works on its Twitter accounts.

The launch of the App Store coincides with the fact that the Apple App store reached 10 billion downloads, 30 months after it was launched.