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Google To Buy fflick For $10 Million

Google is reportedly in talks to acquire film recommendation site fflick for around $10 million.

Founded by former Digg employees Kurt Wilms, Ron Gorodetzky, Dav Zimak and Marc Hemeon last year, fflick allows users to sign-in to the site with their Twitter accounts to view tweets from people they follow about current top-rated films.

It is not yet known whether Google will keep fflick running after the purchase, or if the move is just to acquire the talent and technology behind the firm’s sentiment analysis engine.

When fflick was first launched, Tech Crunch reports, it stated an intention to expand beyond films in the future and use its sentiment analysis engine on other verticals. With the acquisition, Google could potentially use the technology alongside its own recommendations service HotPot to add Twitter results to users’ searches.

Google is yet to confirm the news, but according to Tech Crunch, the deal is expected to close by the end of the week.