HP Unveils Enterprise Cloud Compute Service

Hewlett Packard (HP) is set to launch its Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute next month, the company has announced.

The company said that the Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute will be offered to UK businesses from from its UK-based Wynyard datacentre, and US firms from its datacentre in Oklahoma.

Based on a hybrid model, HP's new service will involve a combination of traditional IT, and public and private cloud infrastructure to offer server, storage, security and networking solutions to enterprise users.

HP said that its hybrid platform will allow organisations to deploy services as quickly as possible, giving them an 'Instant On' status, and will be compliant with enterprise and government IT protocols.

The company also plans to update the Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute platform in the future to offer ERP, CRM, e-mail, instant messaging and database services to clients.

"HP has the enterprise experience, breadth of portfolio and global service delivery to lead our clients through the transformation to cloud computing," said Ann Livermore, executive vice-president, HP Enterprise Business in a statement.