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Huawei Wins Court Order Against Motorola

Huawei has successfully barred Motorola from selling $1.2 billion worth of intellectual property to Nokia Siemens.

The company originally sued Motorola earlier this week, demanding that the sale be put on hold until the Chinese manufacturers’ property claim had passed arbitration by the courts.

According to a report by Reuters, Huawei has now successfully prevented Motorola from selling its own intellectual property to one of its largest rivals. Huawei had struck a deal with Motorola in 2000, allowing it to sell rebranded wireless devices as its own, but claimed that the deal didn’t cover the sale of its intellectual property to other companies.

The defendant companies involved in the legal dispute are Motorola inc, Motorola Solutions inc and Motorola mobility inc, whose recent split from the main company prompted the sale.

"Huawei has had a 10 year agreement with Motorola but we have no agreement that allows them to deliver our intellectual property to any third party,” Bill Plummer, vice president of external affairs for Huawei, said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal yesterday.