Italian Consumer Group Sues Microsoft Over Refunds On Windows

A consumer group in Italy has filed a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the company makes it too difficult to get a refund for the copies of Windows that come with new PCs.

According to The Register, the Associazion per i diritti degli utenti e consumatori (ADUC) has filed a lawsuit in Milan, alleging that the end user license agreement which comes with Microsoft's software notes that once people switch their new desktop on for the first time, they automatically agree to the license terms and are unable to return it.

The consumer group said people who don't plan to use Windows software on their new desktop have to pay for the copy that comes bundled with the desktop, whether they want it or not. The group called out anyone who had bought a new PC bundled with a copy of Windows they had not used to take part in the lawsuit.

In response, a Microsoft spokesperson told Cnet: “Customers who purchase a PC from an OEM with Windows preinstalled and then wish to return the PC and/or the preinstalled software should consult the OEM's return/refund policies."