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Kidnapper ransoms son-in-law for Xbox 360

A Tennessee man has been arrested after he kidnapped his son-in-law and refused to release him until a neighbour handed over his games console.

Joshua Seal lured son-in-law and employee Allan Begley to their place of work under the pretence of needing help to move a heavy saw. He then allegedly assaulted the younger man, blackening his eye because he believed he had stolen $245 worth of jewellery from a job site.

Begley was locked in the building and forced to call friends and family to raise the cash which he said he didn't have.

A sobbing Begley eventually contacted a neighbour who said that, although he didn't have any money, he would be willing to exchange his own Xbox 360 games console in ransom.

They later met up at a local convenience store where Begley was swapped for the $400 Microsoft Xbox 360 according to a local news source (opens in new tab).

Flooring company boss Joshua Seal and his accomplice Bradley Marshall were both arrested later that day and charged with Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.

It's not clear whether the altruistic neighbour ever got his Xbox back but we suspect it's probably sitting in an evidence locker at the police station, no doubt hooked up to a confiscated telly. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.