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A look a what Google's StreetView cars see

Google's StreetView cars have been journeying around the globe taking snaps of the unsuspecting as they go about their daily business.

Some may regard this as an intrusion, and indeed it is. Even more intrusive was the outfit's 'mistaken' collection of private data sent over unsecured Wi-Fi networks, but we won't go into that here.

Rather, here's a selection of snaps of the weird and wonderful things the cars picked up on their journeys.

Since these snaps were taken in the public domain by a machine, we reckon they too should be public domain.

This chap is obviously taking a, um, breather after a hard day in the workshop.

Is that a gun in your hand or are you just displeased to see me?

Germans were the most pernickety when it came to allowing StreetView snaps of themselves and their property to appear online, so they can block pictures of their homes and offices if they choose. This is apparently Google's German HQ. The blocking of its own buildings on its own service strikes us as somewhat hypocritical.

Here's what a StreetView car looks like to a StreetView car.

And here's a chap making his point.