Microsoft Outlines iPad Strategy

Microsoft has outlined how it intends to take on Apple’s iPad in the tablet market.

The software giant is looking to position its Windows 7 operating system as a viable rival to Apple’s iOS system running on the iPad.

The company has published a set of slides, which have been leaked online by ZDNet, that outline the ways in which Windows offers better security and breakout features compared to the iPad.

According to Cnet, the slides dwell heavily on the enterprise benefits that the Windows-based tablets will have, such as supporting Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, and better synchronisation tools.

Microsoft also summarises that the three main advantages the Windows tables will have over Apple’s tablet will be optimisation for online and offline date, the ability to consume and create content and support for peripherals.

The slides, however, made no reference to the upcoming Windows 8 operating systems which is expected to be optimised for tablet devices.