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News@10: App Store Winner Almost Misses $10,000, Twitter Ad Revenues To Hit $45 Million & Nintendo 3DS

Gail Davis, a mother of two from Orpington in Kent, nearly missed out on the $10,000 iTunes gift card she had won after her daughters downloaded the 10 billionth App, Paper Glider, from iTunes on Saturday before 10am. CultofMac reports that Davis thought it was a prank call, and had told the caller that she was not interested and hung up.

Twitter looks set to triple its ad revenue as more companies use the platform for marketing, a new report predicts. Market research firm eMarketer claims that ad revenue on Twitter could rise from the $45 million it made in 2010 to $150 million this year. Of this, eMarketer reckons $140 million will come from US advertisers.

Following the official unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS last week, industry sources have now revealed the identity of the titles launching on the same day as the handheld console. During last week’s live events in Amsterdam and New York, Nintendo revealed that 25 games will be launched for the console between March and the end of summer.

Mozilla is working on a new tool for Firefox that will allow users to block behaviour-based advertising. According to a blog post by Alex Fowler, Mozilla's head of privacy, the company believes that users should be able to control how their personal information is shared online.

Social networking platform Facebook has disabled the account of a woman from Kent claiming she was impersonating Prince William's fiancée Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton, a 29-year old healthcare assistant, was shocked when she received a Facebook notification claiming that she was an impostor and that her account was being shut down.