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Nintendo Advises That Fans Pre-Order 3DS To Avoid Disappointment

Nintendo UK’s marketing manager James Honeywell has advised fans eager to receive a 3DS on its launch day to pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Speaking to CVG (opens in new tab), Honeywell said that fans planning to buy the console should order ahead, so that the games giant can prepare enough units to ship on the day and not be swamped by demand.

"Go to your favourite retailer and put your name down because giving us that indication early on will help us to make sure there is enough, if that makes sense. If everyone rushes out at the last moment it's very difficult for us," he said.

Nintendo UK’s general manager David Yarnton also echoed the point made by Honeywell, saying to CVG (opens in new tab): “If we get pre-orders it helps us with our forecasting and allows us to be able to make sure we can satisfy day one demand for people who've put some money down, and on top of that we get a better indication for production to make sure we've got stock coming through."

Around 10 games will be available at launch, with a further 20 to arrive for the console in the first few months. The device will feature the opportunity to view 3D media without the need for special glasses, and a wireless ad-hoc multiplayer system.

The 3DS will go on sale in the UK on 25 March costing between £219.99 and £230.