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Nokia N8 Price Cut to £299.97 At Tesco

Another significant price cut for the Nokia N8 smartphone, whose price drops to £299.97 at Tesco and comes with free delivery; unfortunately the handset is locked on Tesco Mobile but can be used on O2.

The handset, which was released only four months ago, carried an initial SIM-free suggested retail price of £430 and is currently on sale at Nokia's online store for £375; the N8 is still the top of the range Nokia handset.

The main selling point of the Nokia N8 is its 12-megapixel camera which is amongst the best on any smartphone on the market thanks to its Carl Zeiss optics and Xeon flash; there's also a second camera for video conferencing.

It sticks to the 3.5-inch 640x360 pixel capacitive multitouch display with AMOLED - protected by Gorilla Glass - that is present on many mid-range and high end Nokia handset, this is less than 40 per cent the amount of pixel on the Apple iPhone 4.

Nokia also chose an old ARM11 processor clocked at 680MHz with 16GB internal memory and 256MB RAM; the device is powered by Symbian^3 and packs Wi-Fi, a number of sensors, a HDMI port, a USB connector and integrated GPS.