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Pope Blesses Social Networking But Warns Of Alienation

Pope Benedict XVI has given a speech blessing social networking but has also warned Catholics about the risks of alienating themselves from the real world.

Speaking on the Catholic Church's World Day of Communications, the Pope said in a speech titled “Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age” that social networks were a dynamic form of communication that allow people interact beyond the confines of space and culture.

He added that people should not enclose themselves in a form of parallel existence, nor create an artificial public profile. The Pope urged the people to embrace the opportunities offered by digital communication whilst being wary of the risks that are involved.

“I would like then to invite Christians, confidently and with an informed and responsible creativity, to join the network of relationships which the digital era has made possible. This is not simply to satisfy the desire to be present, but because this network is an integral part of human life,” he said.