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Print to any printer anywhere, from a mobile phone

Internet search engine giant Google has enabled printing over the Internet, from Gmail on a handset to any printer that can be connected to an on-line computer.

Mobile phone users can now print from their Gmail account on a phone, to up to three printers connected to various computers without the need to install any printer drivers on a mobile.

The computer has to be running the latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser, which now has a new ‘Cloud Print’ feature that makes all this possible.

Google’s Chrome, with this new ability, takes over as an on-line printer queue; where any documents and emails from inside of Gmail on a handset can be sent over a mobile phone network to the browser for immediate printing.

If the printer or computer is off-line, the files are queued ready for printing next time the printer or computer is up and running.

Google’s Cloud Print works in conjunction with the Android and the Apple iOS, where there are plans to extent the service to Google Documents which will encompass many more facets of document printing and not just files that reside inside of Gmail.

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