White iPhone 4 shows up on Three web site

Apple's fabled white iPhone 4 has popped up on UK mobile provider Three's web site bit it could all just be more smoke and mirrors.

Sightings of the iPhone for girls are becoming so commonplace nowadays that we can barely bring ourselves to pass on the news, but public demand for the white version of the ubiquitous handset seems to be holding up, despite the possibility of a brand new iPhone 5 looming on the horizon.

The listing on 3's (daft name) shopping portal allows you to select the white iPhone 4 in either 16 or 32GB configurations and choose a price plan, but you can't actually order one.

Small print in the final box on the page says "White iPhone 4 is currently unavailable for order online or in-store."

We're not sure if the addition of the listing was prompted by a clandestine internal communication from Apple, a cock-up on behalf of the web monkeys, or just wishful thinking, but the latest official word from Apple is that the much-delayed handset will become a reality some time this spring.

Orange also has a while iPhone listed, but you can't buy it there either.