Developer Interest In Android Increases

A new survey conducted by research firm IDC has revealed that developer interest in Google’s Android mobile phone platform may soon overtake that of Apple’s iOS.

The study, which surveyed over 2,200 developers, informs that 92 per cent of the developers continue to be interested in creating apps for Apple’s iOS platform, while 87 per cent of the developers showed an interest in Android.

The survey also explained that the new wave of Android powered tablets had encouraged developers to make apps for devices running on the system.

Apple’s iPad is still preferred however, with 87 per cent of developers interested in developing apps for it, while 74 per cent of developers prefer Android tablets.

“With the Android Tablet market set to explode this year and the recent success of Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab, 57 per cent of developers say price will be the most important factor for success, followed by minimized fragmentation (49 per cent) and then Android Honeycomb OS capabilities (33 per cent),” the report writes.

IDC also said that 87 per cent of the developers were planning to add cloud computing capabilities to their apps this year.