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Facebook Spam Levels Dropped 95 Per Cent In 2010

The amount of spam on Facebook was reduced by 95 per cent in 2010, a top company executive has revealed.

Speaking to Justin Smith at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, Facebook's chief technology officer Bret Taylor, said that the company had managed to reduce spam by 95 per cent using automated system tools deployed across the platform.

The company also managed to half the platform's rules and policies for developers over the course of the year.

During the show, Taylor also announced that over the course of 2011, the platform will be focusing on expanding its mobile presence, citing that around 200 million people across the world accessed Facebook via mobiles.

“Mobile is our primary focus for our platform this year. Mobile usage has been the fastest growing part of the Facebook experience,” he said.

Taylor admitted that one of the biggest challenges the company and its developers are facing is deciding on which of the seven different mobile versions of Facebook to work on.

“You end up picking and choosing platforms even though your goal is to reach everyone,” Taylor said.