Four Games Pirated For Every One Sold In The UK, Say UKIE

The UK video games industry body, The Association For UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), has revealed that for every single game that is purchased legally, four games are pirated.

The organisation has released the new statistic calculating the ratio of pirated to legally bought games at 4:1, following a report by the BBC last week. The UKIE added that piracy was having a hugely negative impact on the development of the UK games industry.

Highlighting the impact of pirate activity, UKIE informed that the UK video game industry had lost around £1.45 billion to piracy in 2010.

Michael Rawlinson, the director general of UKIE, said in a statement to “When people play a pirated game that money goes to a criminal, not to the industry. That takes away jobs from young developers and graphic designers, so it actually stifles creativity and stops new games coming out.”

The UKIE plans on conducting further research into the pirate games market in the UK, to determine the root causes behind the issue and to come up with effective measures for curbing it.