Fujitsu Rolls Out Eco Mouse

Fujitsu has unveiled the world's first biodegradable computer mouse, which features an outer casing that is 100 per cent recyclable.

The shell of the M440 ECO Mouse has been designed using Arboform and Biograde, rather than being manufactured using traditional plastics. Both the materials are biodegradable and come from renewable resources.

Arboform has been derived using Legnin, a paper industry by-product and is produced by TECNARO. Biograde on the other hand, is a wood-based product created by FkuR. Fujitsu also informed that the mouse cables won't contain any PVC.

Garry Sales, Fujitsu UK & Ireland's product marketing manager of Client Products, said in a statement: “Fujitsu underlines its commitment to innovative green products for the desktop, starting with the new ECO mouse, through to the proGREEN selection. By choosing this mouse, environmentally-conscious businesses can feel good that they are helping reduce CO2 emissions without sacrificing durability or comfort – and without having to pay any extra.”

The Register however, questioned Fujitsu's claim that the mouse would 100 per cent renewable, claiming that the electronics, scroll wheel and optical sensors wouldn't be made of biodegradable resources.

A Fujitsu spokesman later admitted to the tech news site that the claim only applied to the outer casing of the device.

The M440 ECO Mouse joins the KBPC PX ECO Keyboard in the range of Fujitsu products made from renewable resources.