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Google Introduces Phone Number Porting To Voice

Google has released the number portability feature to users of its Google Voice internet platform.

The company's Google Voice platform allows users to create a Voice number, which is integrated with all their existing mobile phones and landlines. This means that if someone ring’s the Voice number, all the devices connected with the number will ring at the same time.

Until now, the one drawback of the service was that users would have to share their new Google Voice number to each and every contact. With the number portability feature users can now copy their current phone number over to the platform.

In order to port an existing mobile number to Google Voice, users have to pay a $20 charge and wait 24 hours for Google to port the number. Users also have to cancel their voice contract with their service provider, which could incur contract cancellation charges.

In a blog post, Google software engineer Robert Dong said:“After porting your number to Google Voice your mobile service plan will be cancelled, and there are a couple of steps that you’ll have to take to continue making and receiving calls on your mobile device.”